The Changing Syberverse: Law of the Intranet.

I have attended a couple of conferences over the last six months that dealt with the ever changing world of the Intranet, and how it is impacting our daily lives. As governments try to tackle Internet crime issues and all the illicit activity that goes along with it, we seem to jump out and try to argue that our rights are far more important than firewalling this new found freedom. I have heard several good arguments that seem to focus on China, Europe and the United States in their efforts to deal with, what has been touted as a world without boarders, by adding restrictions to it such as shutting it down–turning it off–restricting access.

The Internet is all but one piece to a vast network of globalization, as one CBC reporter said. When good things happen that are in direct response from this powerful tool, we rejoice and pat ourselves on our backs. When crimes such as Identity Theft and Computer Hacking hit the media, we are outraged and angered, and we call for law enforcement to step in and protect us from these criminal elements. It seems that everyone has a vested interest in the Internet, but not all share the same “big picture.”

If necessity is the mother of human invention, then anything that tries to further protect us from the evil criminals in the syberverse, the criminals will surly stay one step ahead of anyone who tries to stop them. In other words, with such freedom comes responsibly–sound familiar? It is up to us, the individual, to be responsible and keep this tool, the web, alive, useful and free.

I believe that the world is a far better place because of the interconnectedness that the wired-world has created. It has not cured famine or brought down corrupt governments, but is sure has brought it to a whole new level that we can identify with. I can talk to someone half way around the planet with ease and build a relationship across the Pacific. I can gain access to libraries that were never available to me a decade ago. I like to think that I am smart about it. I know that the extreme control that is needed for a government to watch over its citizens is to fully cut the wires off from the rest of the world. This is no answer or solution to the problem–it is more about control than anything else.

Perhaps the Intranet is more than just a great tool for gathering information, maybe it is the tool that will unify the whole world under one voice? Perhaps only then will criminal activity be brought to its knees. Is the Intranet important enough to merge regional differences and form one unified voice, whatever that voice may be?

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