Summer 2008 is Almost Over

I am so tired right now. I just finished my last CRIM3249 class, Young Offenders: Youth Crime. It consisted of a group presentation, which seemed to go well, and the handing in of our final papers. Also today, the short final exam, one that I sweated over and found to be ridiculously easy. Lastly I submitted my participation marks from my other class.

Reflecting back on this semester, I have realized that presentations are going to be the mainstay of every class till the day I graduate. Groups presentations are never easy. My most valuable piece of knowledge that I will take with me from this term is never bunch up all your major assignments towards the end of the semester. I call this the bottle-neck effect.

I sat with some really cool people this term, and  I worked with some really great fellow students too, or colleagues, as our profs insists that we call each other. Most of all are the faculty–when you are being taught by Ph.D and MA honours instructors, the caliber of instruction is second to none. I only wish that more people could sit in these classes and absorb the material as I have.

The fall semester is coming up, but not until I take a little time off from learning. I believe I start the whole process over  again on September 4th? Oh looking so forward to that….

Now I’m going to give me brain a rest. I have my job to go to first thing tomorrow morning, and I find that far less stressful than my classes. My final year. Wow.

5 Thoughts on “Summer 2008 is Almost Over

  1. Summer is practically over and Olympics is only now starting!

  2. Hey Lily,

    Only the summer semester is done–over with–finished. I think there is still six or seven actual weeks left in the season?

    I’m not an Olympic watcher, or huge sports fan…

    I’m probably just going to concentrate on catching up on 14 weeks of missed sleep. 😉

  3. well it’s hard you know, to judge when summer starts and finishes when you don’t actually have such a season 😉

    when i was younger i used to watch the olympics a lot

  4. Lily–sure, rub it in…..

    We have a saying here in my neck of the woods: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.

    Ya, I used to like watching the Olympics too when I was young, but then I went to college and studied political science. That wreck it for me.

  5. who knows
    maybe i’ll watch something
    usually it’s easy to watch the sprints (short!)
    i used to watch gymnastics

    but timezones are hard

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