A little Respite: Shooting Stars

Routine is something that is either good or bad, and is something once stuck in, it is hard to get out of once you are set in it. Depending upon which way you look at it, the pessimist’s, or the optimist’s perspective, the glass becomes just a glass with water in it, and any inspiration is just a measure of what level the water is at at any given time.

My last class was the last night. It was a full length three hour class because it was, after all, a regular class, not the official exam period that accompanies the regular semester for two weeks after between the start of the next term. So, we wrote a short exam, with a total value of the total mark of only ten percent. Then we watched the last group’s presentation, probably the most stressful of all the groups because they will know last what their mark is over everyone else. With minutes to spare before 7:00pm we left the class, saying our goodbyes and wishing everyone a good break before the start of the next term. Summers are weird like that because everyone has summer time activities on their mind unlike the Season holidays of December and January. Most just want to get out, go home, and Sun Worship.

This morning I went on a cleaning rampage: A cleaning spree. With the majority of my major class assignments all bunched up towards the end of the term, the last four weeks had been neglectful ones for all the around the house stuff. Dusting, fridge rotation and laundry are the top big three. General cleaning will take about two days because of the dusting that needs to be done. I do have some yard work, but most of the yard-work has been done by the park owner–“yes” for the Tenant Agreement.

Last night I stayed up for while with some friends to watch the meteors showers. The showers were OK to watch for part of the night. Not as a specular as I hoped they would be, but there were some good bright ones with long tails that extended a quarter of the way across the sky. There was way too much smog/haze/pollution to take good photographs of them, and my video camera had a dead battery: my fault, I thought I had charged it…… Phooyee.

Oh, and I get some time to do some extra blogging! I have a lot of stuff I want to vent off here on my blog, so stay tuned.

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