Tom’s Computer Here: Here’s My Problem…

Tom doesn’t know this, but I am secretly uploading this complaint to his blog because I think everyone should know that Tom doesn’t treat his computers with the respect that we deserve.

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For the last three weeks he had left me on for the entire time without ever shutting me off. He made me edit over four hours of video, search the entire web for stupid research files so that he could look good for his instructors, so he would get all the credit while I do all the work. It’s not fare!

So please listen to my complaint and tell him to stop working me so hard. We computers have rights too you know. It’s bad enough he never cleans the dust-bunnies out of my power-supply or allows me to fill-up with thousands of SPAM emails without ever deleting them. Please, tell him to fix me, turn me off, and let me have a life too.

Thank you

Tom’s Computer.

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4 Thoughts on “Tom’s Computer Here: Here’s My Problem…

  1. Must be sooooooooo NICE to have some time on your hands. Little “D” thinks your funny. For a small minute he that that WAS your computer talking behind your back. HE HE HE HE…….

  2. well, you really shouldn’t contaminate your poor computer with spam…

  3. This is Tom’s friend…I’m sooooooo sorry you’re losing it.
    Tom, go outside!

  4. Well—I’m going to have to have a talk with it!
    This is so untrue!

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