Seasons In the Sun: No Singing Please

Just as I wrote this title, the very first thing that popped into my head was the Terry Jacks’ song Seasons in the Sun…. “waoh” I yelled out, I need to put the brakes on that! I can’t stand that song any more. Getting to the point now, way back on Sunday, while I was working, our nice hot sunny days of summer suddenly was interrupted with a small storm that ploughed its way across sky heading Northward. In a matter of minutes the sky went from bright rays of sun in the morning, to almost twilight with flashes of lightening and chest pounding thunder.

Oh it gets worse! After the first really close lightening strikes, the rain came down like there was no tomorrow (this is a common colloquialism around here). After being bathed in hot muggy summery days of beautiful weather for so long, we forget that it does rain here once in a while. Naturally, after the rain had pound on the ground for the first ten minutes, the old memory banks started to kick in and I panicked because I remember that windows needed to be closed, roof-vents needed to be shut and doors needed to be closed.

After I started to adjust to the new climate outside, I walked to the back of the building and opened the door and stood there watching the thunder clouds roll in from the South. I was amazed at the sight of the clouds moving in so fast. Equally amazed when the lightening flashed so close and I jumped out of my socks. I ran back in because of all the steel around me. Before that moment of retreat, I had my cheap little digital camera with me and I snapped off a few sky shots.

Within the span of twenty minutes it was all over. The sky was now a blanket of grey and the ground was soaked with rain and there was rain on hot asphalt smell all around. It has been like that ever since.

Today I heard on the radio that that little storm caused over thirty forest fires across the lower half of the province. Of course this happens a lot here so no one was really freaked out about it. It was just as I closed and went back to my vehicle, that day last Sunday, that I realized I had forgotten to wined up all my windows. My seat was soaked, along with the dashboard and console. There is nothing worse than having to sit in a soaked car seat while driving—yuk!

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