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When I first heard about LINUX and marvelled at the idea of having something different from the slop I was getting with Micro-Soft, it intrigued me, but that first step was a big one, and one that took another four years before I finely took it. Information was perhaps the one single reason why it took so long before I loaded my first copy Red Hat onto my PC and powered it up. The funny thing is, I never looked back.

Back then, it was pre-college and pre-formal computer science training for me. Back then, Micro-Soft was homogeneous on every home computer and that was also when I was surfing the newly popularized Intranet. I would catch bits and pieces of these strange words like UNIX, LINUX and Open-Source, but I had no idea what they meant. It was like a fence divided up everything, us on one side and them on the other.

It wasn’t until I did my first year in Criminology that I was invited to take part in my very first computer science class, a course literally called CMSC1100. On the first week of the course, it was super easy for me; I did after all embraced the world of computer and the Internet. Then it got deadly serious, with machine language, Net Working and Artificial Intelligence. My little perfect world of utopia crashed around me when we had to dive away from the safe little world of Window$ right into the murky waters of LINIX.Β It was then that I saw just how amazing the world of software really was.

For my life experiences it meant seeing and experiencing things that most others would otherwise not. I mean, why should a home-maker want to see the world of machine language and networking, if that person doesn’t have to–right–then why would they? However, to know that it is there and that there is a way of gathering that information and use it is another matter entirely.Β  So I believe that information should be made freely available and accessible to everyone, not just University students who shell out big buckles full of clams to be taught by the worlds elite.

When I see an effort of global proportions being made that appeals to my sense of being, I have to share that with you here on my weblog. I have seen this small community effort of on-line people, users, who have created this wonderful magazine that both celebrates and complements their community. They created an on-line magazine that is totally supportive of open-source and free thinking ideas. The seeds that these individuals are planting could spread like wildfire across the net. So have a look and let them know that you were there, and hopefully, you just might take something back with you? Check it out!

Click here for the home page of Full Circle Magazine.

You can download a PDF of each issue. They use no paper, no expensive publishers and everyone contributes because they love what they do.

What do you think, do we need Open Source Operating Systems in our world? Should there be alternative software made that should be free from restrictive licenses, charges and copywrite protection?

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  1. Hay Tom…

    Have you heard from Super Turtle?

  2. Yes, back on Thursday I phoned though. I think she’s working and hasn’t has any time to sit down and catch up on all the emails and weblogs. Give her time. πŸ™‚

    I made her a really cool logo, and she hasn’t responded to that yet either.

  3. Ya, I think she will like the logo – it’s cute πŸ˜†

  4. I never showed it to you? Or did I??? The Turtle with the red cape flying through the air….. I must be loosing it :-s

  5. Did you make a turlle with a red cape? Was it for your logo? Can I see it?

  6. Yes.

    No, it was for Super Turtle.

    Sure, I’ll post it.


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