Think You are Getting Screwed $$$?

This is a Canadian Government web site that has statistics for British Columbia, and all the other provinces, that looks at what are the current wages and salaries at present day values showing the hi, low and average levels. Here, you can compare your income to that of the web site’s lists and see where you stand, whether or not you should be going up to your boss and asking for more money, or not.

Click Here: Wage and Salaries from the Labour Market Information WEB SITE

So I took the plunge and looked up at what I make. I’m just below average by the way. I thought maybe I should look at the career that I will be going into, and the wage scale according this web site, makes me look hopeful that I should have a promising healthy career in the very near future.

I quickly shifted back to reality, however, when I looked around at other occupations such as food servers and service attendants. In today’s economy having such a low wage, in some cases as low as $8.45 per hour is just too much of a joke because of the cost of living. I can see a student or someone who has just entered the job market earning this sort of  wage, and only because they should be living at home, but not someone who is totally dependant on that income as their means of livelihood. I remember our Prime Minister saying a few months ago after he was elected saying that he would be very concerned if he couldn’t get his “Tim Hortins” Coffee every morning. I say, I hope you are willing to pay a fare wage for the person who is serving you.

I suspect that this web site may not reflect the entire demographics of British Columbia either because as you live further North, the cost of living increases. Obviously, everyone wants to live further South, so the bulk of the population is close to the Southern boundary of the Provence where it is warmer and nicer. With all the population shifted South, I suspect that wages are only reflective of the Southern communities. I would think that one working in a coffee shop would make more money in a town like Smithers, BC, then compared to Vancouver, but according to one friend I am wrong. In fact, she says, some people make less due to the low employment rate further North.

So measure your salary and compare it to the rest of the work force.

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  3. 🙁 WorkSafe BC Sucks

    Please check it out and pass on …. seriously injured workers need help.
    “WorkSafe BC Sucks”

    we’ve had over 12,000 total video views and it’s election time……

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