The Lonely Lower Case “n”

I think this was the Sesame Street song that inspired me to pick up a guitar as a boy and start playing music. Wow, does this bring back memories…

Note: The audio seems a little low on this copy.


These Lyrics can be found here: Kovideo.

In a cold and far-off place
There was a lower-case N.
Lonely and cold, she would stare off into space
And it was known that she would cry now and then.

Lower-case N, standing on a hill.
The wind is very still, for the lower-case eh-en…

(occasional, unearthly “oohs” in background now)

And then one day a rocketship
Came racing from the sky.
It landed on the hill and there opened up a door
And somethin’ started comin’ outside…

A lower-case N!
(She’s not lonely anymo-o-re)
They are standing on the hill
(There are two that stand for su-u-ure)
The wind is very still
For the lower-case eh-ens!

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