Election Bug 2008

I remember posting a while back that I did not want to go through another federal election, even thought that current government is a minority one, I felt election fatigue coming on. Since waking up this morning I seem to be pumped for another one, I don’t know why? Yea, call me crazy. I guess I’m a little hot under the collar about the Conservatives with their stance on crime: when they say that the answer is more prisons, more laws and stiffer punishments, without even looking at the data that seem to suggest that all of the above does not work.  I thought level headed people would look at the root causes first, then act on implementing a contingency plan to combat crime. I guess I’ve spent too much time in classes?

Anyway, I think Canada is ready for change too! Just like the USA’s up coming federal election, I think Canada is getting tired of the same old spin—and that spin is spiralling downwards—out of control. We Need New Government!

I am not looking forward to the onslaught of attack ads though. I think we do need one more law, and that law should be keeping campaign adds off of the airwaves. I believe if Canadians want to blind themselves from the election, they should have a stream of media that will offer them that choice—not forced on us in 30 seconds video/sound bites every fifteen minutes everywhere! Sure, signs and meetings are OK. The last bastion of freedom from these ads is CBC Radio One; thank goodness I listen to that station, which is my favourite one,  but I do feel sorry for my friends who like commercial radio.

Anyway, I say bring it on! I would love an October Election!

One Thought on “Election Bug 2008

  1. October election 🙂 AWESOME!

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