Star-Date: 62159.2

Tom’s Blog, Star-Date: 62159.2.

Life is going great—so far—in my opinion, but that could change again by the end of today.

Hard to believe that this is “week two” already. The homework and projects are coming up due so fast, and the semester is still so young. Next week I have my first paper due, and I must start to get ready for a group project that is to start in three weeks—a three hour seminar style presentation.

We are now in an Federal Election, and I find watching T.V., and listening to the radio is just pointless with all the attack ads and other election crap on them. I had someone knocking on my door yesterday, I thought it was one of those hopeful candidates going door to door, but instead it was a bible-beater trying to bring the weak and tired into their group. I think I’m just going to post a sign that states something like, “NO: trespassing, solicitation, sales people, ad flyers, free parking, garbage drop-off, etc….” I heard that if you post a warning, you can then act upon it with a citizen’s arrest?

The Fort Langley Rowing Club is getting a permanent dock and boathouse on the South shore of the Fraser River for their exclusive use.  I think that is really great that the rowers are getting a state-of-the-art facility, but during the construction phase, I get to hear the non stop pounding of the pile-driver going, “ping,” “ping,” “ping,” that does not matter if you close your windows and doors, the sound goes right through the house anyway. Yesterday, I swore I could feel the vibrations coming up from the ground! I hope they finish it soon.

And what’s up with the CN Rail Rent-a-cops. I thought there was a rule about other organisation who get to dress up and impersonate as legal police officers? They had a car that looked almost like a regular police car, red and blue lights, and I thought I saw a 9mm side-arm on the one guys’ belt—could have been a taser also? I wonder if the RCMP can arrest them?

I thought CN was supposed to be kicking into a more environmentally friendly corporation? With all the accidents that they have had over the last few years involving train wrecks and spilling dangerous chemicals into the rivers and lakes along the tracks, I thought that they would start acting responsible with prevention and become greener? On Sunday, along with the CN Rent-a-cops, they left their big diesel train-engine running for over six hours. The train just sat there, less than 10 metres away from the rail-way crossing, idling its engine with diesel exhaust spewing over into my home. I wonder if the Langley By-Law that prohibits drivers of cars from idling their engines while waiting for the trains crossing the roads could be used on the trains who are also stopped at railway crossings, crossing the roads?

Anyway, must get ready for class coming up in a couple of hours. The sun just came out, and all of a sudden I feel great!

4 Thoughts on “Star-Date: 62159.2

  1. You’re a Star Trek geek, like me 😀

  2. Hay Tom…

    I am having problems getting to my blog. It seems that lost my account info, and I am having a hard time getting it back. It all started with Dmitry getting his labtop inline and on to the network in our house. Just thouhgt I let you and “Superturtle” know what is going on. Dmitry is working a lot overtime at the moment, so I am hoping that as soon as he gets a day off, he can help me sort out what went wrong with my blog. Should be in the next 4 days. I have lots to blog about. 😎

  3. Hey JM,

    I find it odd that changing around your PC and laptops would break your website?

    Are you having problems connecting? Maybe your PC is now disconnected from your router?

    I’m sure if you kept all of your Blogger details, such as passwords, everything should be normal. In all situations, you should be able to connect, post and view your blog from any machine that is connected to the Intranet, anywhere in the world.

    Hey–that’s great Dmitry is working hard and keeping out of trouble. Sucks that you have little family time though?

    Hang in there! 😀

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