This is Freaky–Thought I Had Lost It

Two days ago I had forgotten my house keys somewhere. I had lost them, and I spent the whole weekend worrying, trying to figure out where find them–where I had last placed them–going over and over in my mind that last place I had them. I searched everywhere that I could think of, going over my memory as hard as I could, and my luck seemed to be running out.

It was one of those moments when for a split second my eye caught something, and then a few neurons flashed from within my brain, and like a supernova of light I could identify what I had seen–my keys–there they were. For two days my keys dangled from the bottom seat-belt clip on my truck underneath my seat. They were clinging from a piece of fabric between the plastic cover and release button. At any time they could have dropped onto the ground somewhere at any place. All I had to do to knock them loose was wiggle the belt with very little effort to release and drop them from off of the seat-belt.

That is freaky that my keys clung on for so long, especially after I had made at least four trips in that time. Fortunately I had made a back-up copy just in case, so I wasn’t out of luck, but I did have one set of keys that were not copied–I guess I’m doing that tomorrow! Lucky?

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