One Last Kick at Summer

Yes folks, it is all over. It is going to end as we know it. Effective September 22 at 9:44 am, in Vancouver, the summer will be over and the normal weather will resume. So get used to it.

So how quickly will the rush of cool, wet, dark and dismal weather be upon us? Oh, that’s an easy one to answer: It is here right now. Do not let those green coloured leaves fool you because they can change with in an moments notice. Oh, and do not let your money ride on the might and clever squirrels who seem to be enjoying the sun instead of gathering walnuts and stealing dog-food because really they have been secretly migrating away from here. Yes, that is right, there are squirrel nappers taking them and moving them farther down South because they are causing mayhem in our back yards up here. The true predictor of the approaching change is the population of sun worshippers. Do you see any right now?

Global Warming. Well, according to some people that I have talked to, Global Warming is all a big fat myth created by some bleeding heart Liberals. Yes, our weather is perfectly normal and there should be nothing to worry about–according them. I should point out that my friend also works in the home heating industry, and every time there is an unusually warm winter, well, that slows his business right down–so he is hoping for a killer cold snap that will last five months. Personally I fear a warm winter with lots of wind storms throughout. Maybe for him he should move up to Yellowknife!

I am not the least bit worried about the change. In fact I am going to embrace it. I am going to enjoy it as long as I can–sabre every last moment of it that I can. My favourite holiday, or at least it should be a holiday, is Halloween. I love Halloween. I look forward to getting into the festivities every year. What better way to celebrate the mid point of fall than with community celebrations. What kid does not enjoy dressing up and going out trick and treating?

As our world turns to the browns, oranges and yellows of fall, know this my friends, before you know it, we will be all throwing snowballs and shoveling our sidewalks, so enjoy it while it is here.

2 Thoughts on “One Last Kick at Summer

  1. I’m so sad the summer is over 🙁

  2. However our yard maintenance guy is….(happy summer has gone bye bye)

    Winter is his holiday period. He just has to worry about the leaves and that’s it. It’s all “sit-down-mower” for him. :mrgreen:

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