So, What Direction am I Going In?

The last 72 hours have been a trip down memory lane. Although the memories are not the sweet kind, I did feel a sense of being on familiar ground again, that is, fours of sleep each night, non stop readings, non stop paper writing, non stop group work preparation, non stop worrying about timetable changes, non stop rough drafting of up coming papers, non stop searching journal for research, and last but not least–non stop fighting of traffic while trying to get back and forth to classes. Yesterday I forgot that I could stay up late because I did not need to go to work today, so I climb into bed around 11:00pm, but for some strange reason I could not fall asleep. One sure fire way of me falling asleep is to read anything about on social economics–which I have on hand a textbook that is required for this term. Once I started reading it, it suddenly dawned on me that I could stay up as long as I wanted…, then I fell asleep. GO figure!

So this morning I woke up all nice and rested and started right away working on my paper which was due today at the beginning of my Ethics and Development class. Ya, working at the last minute on a paper is not a cool thing to do, but I was in a crunch with all my other classes. This is that part of being a fourth year student that I want all my “Trades” buddies to see and hear about. They think I got it easy, you know, desk job, fancy cloths, always hanging around the water cooler: WRONG! Anyway, I got the paper done. It was not my best work, but it is only worth 10 percent–lots of wiggle between now and the end of the semester.

So, while sitting in class I realized that I did forget a couple of minor details. One of which was to include a copy of my top source for that term paper. The topic in this assignment was on the various types of intelligences, mainly Emotional and Multiple intelligences. So both books that I had for my references were never photocopied with the various pages that I quoted from. This prof saw both of them and said that that would be fine, but one of the books was just published, a 2008 copy, so she asked if she could take it for the remainder of the class to look at it. I was OK with that. She is really keen on these topics and I guess she knew most of material off by heart. But that book really grabbed her attention. She saw the pages that I quoted from and laughed because the author slams classroom environment as been negative when teaching emotional intelligence based learning skills. I chuckled about that too.

So down with the classroom! We learn better in small groups at one table–according to this one source.

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