Nothing New to Say, But….

This is going to be one of those posts where I ramble on about the normal, (if you read here a lot), type blurbs that really do not say anything except is about me whining. Although I like to be positive and constructive in every way that I can, sometimes the energy is just not there to pull it off. So for today I am going to talk about what I have been doing, and give some highlights of the week so far.

My Monday class was a really good one, probably the best one so far this semester. Why? The group that presented talked about the “Virtue School–Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.” The amazing thing about these thinkers (the Greek ones) are that they explored what we call modern day–Western thinking. They lived around 325 BC and literally changed the way we think about values and morality today.

Plato intrigue me because of his “Divided Line Theory.” It goes something like this, you have four levels that are divided up as such: Conjecture and Imagination, Belief, Scientific Knowledge and then Reasoning. Therefore reasoning is the highest level and conjecture and imagination is the lowest. If I had more time I most certainly would write about it, but time is of the essence, so maybe later, like on a separate page or something. This is deep because this is 2300 hundred year old stuff!

My point is, the group did such a wonderful job presenting it that it put our group into a competitive edge. The last group really set the bar high for us, so we have to go that extra distance for our performance and recognition. We present on October 22, so we really need to come up with some “kick-ass” materials on our subject. We are going to be presenting on Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development and Gilligan’s Ethics of Caring, Values, Morality, Religion.

It looks like the “common cold” is going around the campus. I do not have, yet, but most of my class mates do. I can see the red noses and symphony of coughs barks loudly during the lectures. It really suck now that the University has adopted the participation mark making class attendance mandatory. I guess we get to spread the love, joy and germs around now. *grin* Oh well, we fork out a lot of money for these course, and although some are really dull and dry, we should be there to learn the stuff.

Well, that about wraps it up for the first day of the month of October. I think I am going to start on my next paper, racial profiling, which is due in seven days: lots of time!

4 Thoughts on “Nothing New to Say, But….

  1. Racial profiling? Ouch… that topic must be… tough!

  2. Hey Raul,

    Yes…. Yes it is. There have been tears in this class.

    The class is wonderful because we are a very divers group, and have many shared experiences when it comes to racial profiling. The textbooks do not hold back either on the government, police and social practices; they all get the “raking over the coals,” so to speak.

  3. Wow – your class sounds really interesting.

    So – I googled Kohlberg/Gilligan. I had to because the first thing that came to my mind when you wrote Gilligan – was Gilligan’s Island. LOL (I’m tired).

    Wikipedia had a good write up.

    Good luck and drink lots of juice if you feel a cold coming on. Also a few cups of green tea really work as well if you feel a cold coming on.


  4. Gudrun,

    Yes, the class is very interesting.

    You know, I bet you I am one of the few who actually thinks that when I hear Carol Gilligan’s name in our classes. The Mean age in this class about 23 years. I’m an anomaly age wise. 🙂

    I should look at Wikipedia, just to make sure they got it right?

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