Spending Time With the Self

Outside, if you were looking for me, the only exciting thing I did today was laundry–yes laundry day. Other than that, I spent it all, so far, inside pounding away on the keyboard spewing out words for my next paper. So, if you were inside with me, you will see nothing but a big stack of papers, lots of books and DVD Disks as I went through everything that I could search for while doing my research. Yes, it takes lots of time and effort to create a research paper, but luckily this one is small.

The Laundry can be exciting, only because you never know who lurks at the Laundromat. I managed to beat the crowd, I have today off, so getting in their early was so cool. The place is still reasonably clean and if there is anyone there, there might be one or two others. The big fear that I have now that I do laundry on a Thursday are ladies who manage to stock up on twelve loads clothes and haul them down taking up all the machines. I hate that. So laundry is kind of a game for me because I need to beat the crowd.

Put your hand up if you had your clothes stolen from a laundromat?

Yes, I have. It happened about six weeks ago. It sucked because not all of my clothes were stolen, just my jeans and some shirts. I mean you got to be pretty hard up to take someone’s clothes while they are still wet in the washing machine! Eeew…. I really did not notice until got home and did an inventory of my clothes and found that all my pants were missing. I went back to the Laundromat to see if anyone seen them, maybe someone else took them by accident, but sadly I had no pants, other than the ones I had on and an old pair in the laundry hamper. Now I guard my clothes like money in that place. I am saving for my own machine; I am afraid the environment will need to suffer a little while longer.

We are supposed to get the big rain and wind tonight, so goes the flashing text at the weather office. I was wondering when that was going to show up.

I am reading a paper that some college students have written who are playing around with homemade Ethanol/Gasoline mixes for their cars. They are producing the ethanol at a farm where they claim they can produce enough to supply up to 50 percent of a small car’s needs per year. You need to mix it with gasoline so you do not need to heavily modify the engine. So far, and I am only halfway into the paper, it looks promising. There are legalities if one were to do it here Canada because of the taxes and safety issues, but I am sure that could get ironed out quickly depending upon what style of government we get on October 14, 2008? The other really big bug to this is, you need the bio-matter and space to create the fuel, so farmers have the leg up on everyone. City dwellers are stuck buying the expensive stuff–sorry dudes!

Oh yes, the leaves that you see pasted here in this post. These are fresh fall leaves that just fell about an hour ago onto the ground. As we are in the early days of October, I was thinking to my self how green everything still is. I am sure the place will explode with fall colours in the next two weeks. Think happy thoughts!

P.S. (October 5, 2008)

Thanks Diane for catching that embarrassing spelling error in this post. I laughed when I reread it. You are right though, I did lose my pants, not my rags… heh heh.

3 Thoughts on “Spending Time With the Self

  1. Maybe You Can Borrow A Skirt In Lieu Of Payment For The Ants

  2. My hand is up in the air waving and indicating “It happened to me to.” Nothing worse then doing laundry in a public laundry-mat.

  3. Hey Dean,

    Thank you for your comment. To answer your question, I don’t look good in a skirt–it doesn’t match my hairy legs and work-boots. Sorry dude, you’ll have to flip part of the bill for the ants….?


    Sorry to hear about your laundry dilemma. It sucks when you have someone take you personal belongings–like cloths. The thought of someone else wearing my jeans sickens me–gross! But that was a while ago now, and have bought new ones since then, I am over it now.

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