The Fort Langley Library Gets Pavement

I was driving home from work, yes I work on Saturdays (it was my choice), and I wanted to snap some photos of the Community Hall in Fort Langley because of the changes that are going on there. I finally decided to walk by there with my camera and photograph the parking lot and other paving that is going on there. I wanted to capture it just before the 76 year old building goes through another transformation. When I was walking through the back parking area, I could not get that old Joni Mitchell song out of mind, “pave paradise and put up a parking lot (1970).” No, the parking lot is not taking the place of old growth trees or an historical landmark, it is just paving the existing parking lot that was all gravel.

The Fort Langley Community Hall circ 1937

What I thought was really great is the work being done by the Library part of the building. It looks like a water fountain with steps and a circular sidewalk covering the whole back entrance area of the building. I really think that this is a huge improvement to the look and quality of the building over all because this is where people like to sit and read books when the weather is nice out. I cannot count how many movies have used this building as part of their sets. I chuckle every time I see the building in movies on television and at the cinema. I am sure a movie producer is going use this as part of their filming sets in the future.

Another great idea I thought, is that there is now a road that is connecting the parking lot to 96th avenue. This is going to be a great short cut from my place to 96th because of the huge traffic flow coming off of Glover road during the Ferry stops at the Albion Ferry crossing the Fraser River. I really hope that cars can use this… *fingers crossed* In my opinion this would be one of those rare traffic designs that personally improves the flow of traffic for me rather than choking it off—but that is my opinion.

This is really going to add a shine to down town Fort Langley!

One Thought on “The Fort Langley Library Gets Pavement

  1. These are great shots, Tom.
    It will be neat to look back on these, they’re at the half-way mark of what was, and what will be.

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