What an Interesting Few Days…

I guess we are witnessing history unfolding: Banks collapsing, the U.S. Bank Bailout by the tax payers, Both the elections of Canada and U.S.A. taking on the “change” banner, and need I say more about the housing markets. Well, it sure seems like it is going to Hell in and a hand basket?

But first, lets talking about me, my favourite subject. I just got through the first volley of exams and term papers. It was a very stressful period, but I always seem to manage. First, my paper on racial profiling just got done before the dead-line. I should have look at it sooner but I finished the first draft last week then decided that I would leave the fine-tuning for this week. That was a mistake as I found I needed to write more on one of the first points I touched on, and then rewrite most of the my conclusion. It all cost a lot of time.

On the topic of racial profiling, we had some guest speakers come in after we handed in our papers, and they talked about some of the “street level” problems in Vancouver, mainly about the Vancouver East Side. Like all great topics that captivate the social sphere, discrimination will hold that special place of perpetual debate for many classes to come. One thing that I have learned is that Canada still has a very long way to go before it can call itself a completely racially unified land. When I hear people say that Canada is so racially tolerant, then I have to ask why we have laws such as the Indian Act, and groups who are trying to voice their concerns because of racial discourse and a dominate society that is generally intolerant. Lets try a lot harder!

I was standing in a store waiting to pay for my goods, and I saw a little old lady tying to pay for her items with a plastic card. She seemed to be crying because the Card Reader kept refusing it. The clerk would try to swipe the card again, and she would input her PIN, and “Transaction-Declined” would flash across the LED screen. Finally she whipped out another card, this time a credit card. The clerk swiped it, and the receipt printed out, ready for her to sign.

What lesson did I learn from this? A little old lady’s ATM card was depleted, so she grabbed her credit card to pay for her items. She was buying food with her credit card. This is what I am seeing more and more of as this weird economic wave hits across the glob. I think for a lot of people who love using their Banking instruments, the next few weeks are going to be very interesting–for us all.

Already I have talked to friends who are saying that their credit interest rates have gone up. Funny as I have heard that Canada Banks are going to keep the latest interest rate cut from the Bank of Canada and not pass that on to their customers. Oh well–if you have not learned, you might as well keep on doing business with them, you have gotten used to getting screwed–right? There are alternatives you know?

Deep intents homework will be my daily, nightly activities for the next week. I have a huge group seminar/presentation that I must start earnestly preparing for, and the usually mix of mid term paper and exams. This is the broken record part of my blog–I just keep saying the same old stuff over and over and over. So, how has your day gone so far?

7 Thoughts on “What an Interesting Few Days…

  1. Tom.

    I am going to the Crown Publications Inc., tomorrow to pick up my D-kit. Is there any thing that you want? Government Publications or Legislation or anything in that nature?
    Just thought I ask.

  2. Thanks J., I’m good. I get all my research materials from the University–I’m paying for it–I might as well us it.

  3. Makes A Person Have Faith In Banks , The Government. The Next Couple Of Months Should Be Watched Closely

  4. so…Indian Act? I shall find this google

  5. oh hmm…i can’t help it i always think east indians first when i see indian…

  6. Yes, a lot of early Europeans that tried to find another way to get to India sort of screwed up when they got to the East coast of North America. The name sort of stuck when they figured out that the natives were not Indians. 500 years later it is still a legal title that needs to changed, but it is hard to change the old school.

    So even the name itself is a miss-label: the “Indian Act.”

  7. I know! I Know! 🙂
    We have amerindians too…
    And I’m well trained, I’m of *East* Indian descent from the *West* Indies.

    But still whenever I see India(n) my first thought is…East…and I was like, an Indian act? that’s very modern. THen I go off to google and realize ohh! Native Americans/Amerindians ohhh! And I felt so silly because I *do* know about the Indian Act.

    My brain however…does not always communicate in a timely fashion.


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