Fort Langley’s Cram Fest

OK, really it is called the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival, but if you have to drive home, and your home is Fort Langley, then you would aptly call it the Cram Fest. When I left from work I noticed that the traffic was unusually light. Driving through Langley City is like running the gauntlet, no matter what time of day, or what day of week it is, you are taking you life into your own hands when driving through it–I am not kidding. The fun really started once I got past the 232nd intersection at Glover Road. I was faced with a line up that reached all the way into Fort Langley, practically right till I got home in my driveway.

So I am thinking–why does everyone drive to the Cranberry Festival? Should the festival organizers tell every one that they should leave their cars at home and walk in? My next-door neighbour even parked his car so that he was partially crossing the sidewalk so that no one would parallel park across is driveway. Yes, some really bright person did, and he had to hire a tow track to move it so he could get out.

Anyway, I got home, and it took a while. Not happy.

Fort Langley is changing so fast and in so many ways now. Yesterday the Rowing Club’s building was finally taken down. That is one of three buildings that I saw meeting their end by the demolition wrecking machines. It is weird not seeing the old Interfor Cedar Lumber building standing there. I wonder if they are going to replace it with a fast food restaurant? That would be nice. Something like a drive though. That is what this town needs–a greasy spoon!

This morning I saw the sun rise. It was cool to watch it. First the clouds brightened up and then sun beams broke through. It only lasted a few minutes, but it is something that I do not get to see all a time. I am either up before it, or way after, and today my timing was perfect to catch it. Other than the nippy cold, it was a great start to the day.

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