Soggy Events of a Mad Mind

While everyone was sleeping in, enjoying their Thanks Giving holiday, I departed from home around 8:00am this morning to first drop off my lumber for the construction of the “Electric Chair” for my Criminology presentation in CRIM4400–Ethics, than off to a group meeting, with the same members to discuss the find details of our presentation. We chose to meet up at the White-Spot restaurant in Surrey, at 72 Avenue and Scott Road for a 10:00am meeting with some yummy breakfast food to start off with.

The Electric Chair is coming along good. In fact, I think it looks like the real thing. The idea of the chair is to use it as a stage prop in the last part of our October 20th presentation in our “Ethics in Criminal Justice” class. The chair will “add” the to shock value when we will get the class to debate the merits of capital punishment based on a made-up case I will create. We will have a class member sit in the chair while we debate whether or not we should pull the switch on her. The crime will be a serial killer who murders poor innocent cats, in particular, Fluffy, a cute little white-fur-ball cat whose photos will be projected throughout the power-point presentation. The Jury will have chosen “execution” as the final punishment.

The chair will also be adorned with “jumper cables” and straps to give a hideous look, and add some realism to the point. I will snap a few photos of it once we have finished the presentation.

The accused will wait in the chair until the class, who will act as the “Governor’s last call,” will then determine if the mock-execution should continue or not. Of course, the case will be compelling, and some what rigged, so that it will be harder for the class to pull the “sympathy-card” for the accused. Criminologists have being known to have a mean streak in them from time to time.

I should point out that Canada does not use execution in its criminal justice system any more. Capital Punishment has being abolished since 1976, (sic) military 1998.

This morning I found out that both Goggle Maps and Map Quest really suck. The directions they gave for the White-Spot restaurant were so far off that I was 10 minutes late. I knew the restaurant was near the 72 Avenue and Scott Road intersection, but both maps had me driving up one full block further North on Scott Road!

For the rest of the day I am going to catch up on basic reading and paper writing. Since I have been home, I have read over 100 pages of hard-base peer review law text on race based crimes in Canada. I still have about 50 more pages to read by tomorrow. I can still hear my brain cells popping as I add more information to them….. *pop* *pop* *pop* Oh, wait, that could be the rain drops on the roof?

11 Thoughts on “Soggy Events of a Mad Mind

  1. Pop…pop…pop…rain? Illusions? Or, you like root beer, right? How wired are you?
    And hey everybody! Tom’s birthday was yesterday, October 12th, and he’s now legal! No, wait a minute, close…I knew it was something about the legal system…
    Have a stellar year Tom! And thanks for being such a good friend.

  2. sooo…elections done?

  3. Hey Lily,

    Yes, tonight is the big night for our federal government. Naturally there will be nothing good on the TV for the rest of tonight…..

    Oh, and pay no attention to Diane. If we could have a birthday everyday, then we would have 365 of them per year. I’ll take the root beer though? 🙂

  4. Diane…

    How brave of you to wish Tom a Happy B-day…
    He is so closed lipped about that one day of the year…. So Tom, it is out in the open…Happy Belated B-day. How old are you now. 100 years old….150 years? At least you are still young at heart!! 😆

  5. Thanks Julia.

    Oh, I heard about the huge power outage on Vancouver Island on the news. It looks like there could be more in the near future? Ouch!

  6. argh! i didn’t even read the post/comment
    i just came to congratulate you on doing your civic duty or whatever

    happy belated birthday

  7. Thanks Lily.

    Yes, I did my civic duty and voted. I am however very disappointed to all the Canadians who did not vote. Only something like 51-52 percent came out! WOW?

    Anyway, thanks for the vote of happiness. 🙂

  8. Having “No Power” is starting to become the norm in my nick of the woods. Dmitry and I are starting a pool for the next power ougage. I am sayng four days from now for next one. He is saying three days. Read my blog…

  9. I can feel your pain. Our power is not reliable either, and we have had our share of disruptions too. You need a gas-guzzling generator to offset the public utility. One that is really noisy so that your neighbours know you have power and they don’t!

    So let me get this straight…. you are building a pool for the next power outage? Is it wise to go out swimming during a power outage? …and isn’t it kind of cold too? How many pools are you going to have once you are finished? I thought having a “hot” tub was better? My thoughts……

  10. i’d love a pool for the next outage we have
    they’re so frequent and it’s so hot and not a wind is blowing

    but um..doesn’t JM mean a betting pool?

  11. Thank-you Lily 😉

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