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OK, the big news is the Canadian Federal Election. No doubt some of you have already gone down to the polling station to cast your vote. If you are like me, you have probably scoured the Internet checking to see how the “early” results have being panning out. Also, most of us know that it is illegal to talk about it over the web because it could “sway” someone with their vote before the polls close. A little bit of an archaic law from the old school.

So yes, the question is: did knowing that the Conservative already have the election in bag sway my vote? The answer is an unequivocal NO!

CBC Radio News

When I was driving out to Chilliwack this morning I found that CBC Vancouver was testing their new FM Band station. Now you can listen to CBC Radio One on 88.1 FM instead of the old AM station 690AM. The FM station was good, although I found it to be needing a lot of adjustments with the EQ settings on the truck stereo. The broadcast was to treble(y) and to little bass. The signal sort of started getting to weak once I got into Abbotsford, but I could still hear it right up until I reached Chilliwack, (Lickman Road). I had to change it back to the AM channel once I got into Chilliwack because it just came in so bad–so a little note to the CBC techs.

A Comment to My NEW Government

Well, thank you for what I call a complete waste of time and money! Did we really need an election right now? I remember the leader saying that the government was no longer effective and that Canadians deserve better. I guess realistically, if you choose to only look at one side of the mirror, then yes, your ego will take precedent….

Canadians have clearly said that the environment does not matter. What matters is our wallets, big Oil, and keeping our Banks well greased. I am a little surprised that the Green Party did not get one single seat. That shocked me–but it did not surprise me. We Canadians seems to have a two-faced approach to our needs: we can say one thing and vote the opposite.This makes predictions in polls so volatile–if you see triple, then you aim for the middle.

To the opposition. I think the lesson is very clear–strong leadership! You need someone who can speak clearly–in both official languages, and have a platform that reflects the current mood of the people. Look at the current government–forget about the environment and just worry about making money. If you want to lead the country, you need to communicate and be concise: money, money money. That is what everyone is worried about–their Bank Accounts!

Low Voter Turnout

I heard on CBC that this could be one of, if not the lowest, of all bad voter turnouts. Early predictions say that only 51 to 52 percent of eligible voters took the time to vote. That is truly sad.

Added: October 15, 2008

Voter turnout has been the lowest in history. Read this story from CBC BC’s website called Voter turnout drops to record low, that shows that an average of 60 percent of Canadians took the time to go out and vote.

An estimated 59.1 per cent of Canadians cast votes in Tuesday’s general election — a figure that appears to be a record low in the history of Confederation.

A total of 13,832,972 votes were cast nationally of the 23,401,064 registered electors, Elections Canada figures showed as of 9 a.m. ET Wednesday. SOURCE: CBC British Columbia October 15, 2008

Also, The grand total for the leadership race out of a total of 308 seats in the legislature:

Conservatives: 143, Liberals: 76, PQ Block: 50, NDP: 37, Independent: 2, Greens: 0.

Another minority government: I give it 26 months before it falls–again, and we will drag our butts back to the polling stations to do this all over–again.

**Note: The number one excuse for not turning out to vote. “There is no one to vote for, ….they are all ‘no good,’ and show no leadership and ‘good’ for the country.”

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