I Feel Good: Too Much of a Good Thing Maybe?

I am now midway through the semester. Hard to believe, the halfway point. Unlike other past terms, this one seems to be well laid out with no killer bottle necks of two to three huge assignments all bunched together. I wish all terms could be like this one.

On Monday I have a group presentation, the second to last one, in my Fourth Year Ethics class. I am really looking forward to that. Strange because normally I go through this pre-jitter period and nervousness and apprehension kick in, and everything seem to be filled with doubt–especially with groups projects. But this groups project is way different. I think for once, and I am comparing this quite critically, I amĀ  with a great bunch of people. This group is great.

I think it is rare to find a team that really works. Unlike work related teams where you have a “boss” that is usually the most under educated, yet thinks they are the gift to all mankind and a bunch of “yes” people that follow, volunteer groups have a special aspect that are rich and more rewarding. This group falls in the category as a volunteer group because we got to pick and choose which assignments we wanted to take part in.

The real question is will this really better ourselves because the design of the class is to prepare us for the work force? Will getting us involved in teams that are structured in a “pick and choose” format really be beneficial to us. I think this is interesting because for once I really am enjoying myself in a team environment. Perhaps as long as I am aware that these rules will not apply in the work force I will be OK and will not be too terribly disappointed with the real event comes along. It saddens me to think that such a great formula of team building could never be applied in the workforce.

Needless to say, I am very happy to be working with a great bunch of people on our upcoming presentation.

2 Thoughts on “I Feel Good: Too Much of a Good Thing Maybe?

  1. Hey Tom
    Don’t be disappointed before you get there – remember – it only takes one to get the ball rolling.
    Think positive and lead by example.

  2. Oh I’m pumped, but now I have the flu. I maybe the weak-link in our group. I think this is one of the best groups I have ever served with though. I may need to exceed my efforts to overcome this bug for the betterment of the whole.

    Nature is sometimes cruel and bitter to us when we need to do our best at specific times in our lives. The flu can be the icing on the cake–well for me anyway.

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