The Gurgling Nostril

Fact: It is flu season. I have it, or one of the many strains of it. The bug is making my life miserable. No, wait, miserable is definitely to soft of a word to describe my torment–shit, I think best describes my current condition.

Problem: Tomorrow I have a group presentation. Our group is one of the smaller one therefore each of will be required to occupy more speaking time as compared to the other groups. There are five members in ours, and we need to fill a three hour block. This means at best the minimum time that I must speak is going to be about 35 minutes. I can barely speak now, let alone able to go one minute without coughing up a lung-button.

Regrettably class participation is a requirement, and showing up intoxicated with flu medications is warranted. I am sure if I were to get into a car accident or hit by a bus, I could use the medical card, but apparently you need to banged up good to qualify for the exception. And you still need t complete all homework assignments and write papers and exams at their predetermined dates.

Accomplishments: The Electric Chair that I was working on for tomorrow’s class presentation is almost completed. I think it looks like a American style execution device. Remember that I used mostly scrap wood from pallets and other lumber from the scrap bin. The chair will only be used for a thirty minute period during the presentation. We will have a volunteer sit in it while we debate, understanding Kohlberg’s theory of human moral development, the merits of Capital Punishment.

Fears: My fear of public speaking just got amplified as I seem to have reached the mid point (I think) of my little bout with the flu. My nose is completely stuffed and my eyes look like glassed icing with blood-shot veins running across the whites. I am tired and contently nodding off. I am not a happy camper! I need a full body transplant, or a full blood transfusion to rid me of these nasty little microscopic bugs.

Eye Candy: Back on Friday, early in the morning, as the sun crept up the Eastern sky, a incredible rainbow appeared as a Western storm front moved in above me. The rainbow was one of the brightest I have seen in a long time. Not only did it ark right across the sky, you could easily see another rainbow above it. With my cheap little camera I took some shots of it. I really could have used a wide angle lens to capture its full length because it touch the ground at both ends. And do you really think I could find the pot of gold at either end? Bah… the damn thing kept moving away… heh heh heh.

Any comments on my “electric chair,” or rainbow, let me know what you think? If you have the cure for this year’s flu–please give it to me.

2 Thoughts on “The Gurgling Nostril

  1. Hi Tom – Your post contains the contrasts of this world we live in, from the man-made device of execution to the defiance of a stream of colour from earth to sky. Oh!
    I’m so sorry you’re sick. You’ve been excited about this upcoming group presentation and now here it is, with you under par. I’ve got sickness too, and what I’m doing is Buckley’s (it tastes awful and it works) and gargling with hot, salt water.
    Good luck Tom!

  2. Thanks Diane. I’ll post about my results–stay tuned….

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