Rake 2008 Event

For those of you who are Rakers, well then this is your season, and I think it’s going to be good one. The one thing that I have noticed, and a I have made this comment to a few people already, is that the leaves are hanging around on the trees a lot longer this year than compared to past years. It is already the last week of October and well over half of the trees, the seaonsal ones, are just starting to drop their leaves now. Heck, there are still trees with mostly green leaves on them, so is raking going to be pushed into the snow season?

Ubuntu Orange?

Well, our maple tree sure is going through the change. I am glad that there is a paid guy that comes along and does all the raking for us. Atleast he uses a huge lawn-mower that can suck up the leaves in one pass. That beats the old hand mathod by a long shot!

One Thought on “Rake 2008 Event

  1. I love the photo’s of the trees….I love fall….one of my fav times of the year. Did you know the reason we have such a cool display of colour is because the lack of rain and the cold, cold nights! Yup it is true, if we had lots of rain right now the leaves on the trees would be brown and almost bare with no green in sight. TTYL.

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