One More Day: But Are You Ready?

Tomorrow is the big day. One of my favourite times of the year, and I am sure this goes for all those kids out there too. This is also the time of the year when we have the Idiot Fest where people who are normally good natured go out and become idiots for a few hours with the intent of spoiling the fun for everyone else through their self-centred acts.

Yes, I’m going to talk about the garden variety idiot who comes out on every Halloween and tries to cause mischief and dangerous acts that damage property, themselves and the good hearted people around them. I am also going to break the stereotype and not put any blame on who you would imagine that group is; in fact I may surprise you with this. The problem that I see is with the older crowd, the people who have families, go work each day, drive the SUVs. I am talking about the people who will consume alcohol well beyond their tolerance level, and then decide that they are fit enough to go out driving in their nice SUVs.

Halloween will fall on a Friday, tomorrow, and this means that more than the usual amount of people will be out celebrating it as they will go to costume parties at bars and friends homes. With so many people on the streets, out in the downtown area, there might be a “group think” mentality that having that little extra bit fun will have guaranteed anonymity from the law enforcement personnel who will also be out patrolling.

Long after the little trick and treaters are tucked away in their beds dreaming of the bounty of candies they have hoarded away, the idiot fest will take over. In droves, the older crowd will congregate at the bars, community centres and homes, where they will start their silliness. Most will be wearing their costumes, hiding their identity, and giving each person that false sense of tenaciousness as they partake in the festivities. It is usually on the way home that fun turns into disaster–the car accident.

I was shock to find that the mean (average) age of those who committed acts of crimes over a fifteen year period–only looking at the day of October 31st–in my area, the Langley Township and Langley City, was roughly 25 to 35 years of age, well above what the public views as the stereotypical trouble maker on Halloween. It is not the kids who dress up in costumes, or the adolescent youth who lights fireworks in the back alleys that cause all crimes on Halloween night, it is the older crowd who consume alcohol and drugs that do the real damage.

Source: U.C.R. from Langley RCMP (2006) & Can.West. Media Service.

4 Thoughts on “One More Day: But Are You Ready?

  1. Really?!? I mean, Halloween should be for fun, trick or treating, not for crime committing!

  2. Halloween is for fun, the tricks and the treats, it is only a small percentage of the population who spoils it. Most do have a fun time though.

    People need to be responsible–have “clean” Halloween.

  3. Thanx for reminding me about the idiots that I am going to share the road with on my way home with after class tomorrow. it is going to be a long drive back into Sooke with road blocks and drunk morrons jay walking on the Colwool Crawl and the even more drunken idiots walking the yellow line on highway 14 in Sooke. I am soooooo looking forward to that…….Thanx Tom 🙁

  4. Sure Julia, glad I could help. Just don’t be one of those idiots…. OK.

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