So much for enjoying it. I just did a 10 shift at work, and my co-worker did a no-show, so I had to go solo during a fairly busy day. I just finished a two hour reading session, my quite time, for my homework, a seven page paper due on Monday. So I think I am just going to write this out and call it a night.

I saw some really good Halloween costumes today while I was driving home. I think the best one that stuck out in my mind are the family of cats that prowled Mary Street while I was on my way to the Post Office. The parents spent a lot work on their outfits. They were a family of five, the youngest was just able to walk while the older two ran in circles with their bags of goodies slung over their shoulders. It was cute.

Maybe it is still too early, but the town is dead, too dead if you ask me. Maybe it will change as it gets later? I hear the odd fire-cracker and exploding fireworks, but nothing to major. Hummm, I guess we shall wait and see….

Anyway, I am going to be the Halloween Scrooge this year. I will not be handing any candy out to the trick or treaters because I am just too tired. I wish I could, but I am just out of it. I was going to watch some TV, but every show that was on sucked, so I decided that I should at least get a October 31st post done. I don’t think I have ever missed a post on this day? I’ll have to check my archives tomorrow to see?

So feel free to wish me and everyone a Scary Halloween here tonight! May it will be the scariest ever!

[Added] November 1, 2008: It was about 2:15am when I heard a big crash. It sounded like some was moving a garbage dumster accross the road. It turned out to be some prankers moving some scraps of sheet metal by the railway tracks. When I drove to work this morning I saw nothing, but when I got home I saw some roofing metal scattered at the end of my road. Great, another mystery?

One Thought on “HALLOWEEN!!!!!

  1. Mystery on Halloween! YOWZA!

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