Leave Time Alone

My personal views on day light savings time are dim. I say that day light savings time is nothing but a big waste of time. I guess I can’t get more blunt than that? What do you think about it? Keep it, or lose it?

I just think that because we live in such an artificial environment, accept for agrarian communities, that we don’t need the bouncing back and forth of adding an hour during summer just to help out a few people who enjoy sleeping in while the sun has not risen yet. What is there to gain. Oh sure, the Americans do it because they think it saves them energy and may help them increase their gross domestic production, but do you really think that it will really improve us up here in the higher latitudes? Our summer days are a lot longer than other places as you move closer to the equator.

Maybe it is time to do a research study that will bust the myth about those hour interruptions of sleep on our daily activities. I would think that it is well over due to see if this switching really causes more harm than good. In Canada we have the best control group that you could ask for, the Province of Saskatchewan. They do not use day light savings time.

The argument of those who can’t sleep because the sun is shining in your face, well use curtains!

Oh ya, don’t forget to change your clocks back an hour tonight….

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