History, or Just Another Botched Dream?

The really weird part about the American election is that more people around the world care about the U.S. election than their own nation’s–and that is scary in my humble opinion. Here in Canada we just had the one of the lowest, if not the lowest ever, voter turnouts in our history, while the U.S. will probably have the largest in their’s. American politics is everywhere around the world today, and a lot of us wish we could vote in it. That must tell you a lot about the political weather in our own backyards?

Of course everyone seems to be rooting for Obama to be the next president of the United States. As much as I really think that today could be history in the making, I’m not holding my breath. Yes, it would be cool to see the “colour” barrier broken in one of the most racist countries in the world. And I really like the idea that the U.S. might put the Iraq occupation to rest. However, I am not holding my breath.

I am very happy for the American people who have chosen to go out and vote. I think seeing political elections such as the Presidential Election 2008 may invigorate other political parties around the world because every country needs an Obama. In Canada, we desperately need a guy like him. Even though we five (or four) parties to vote for, none of them have the common appeal and charisma that Obama has. Canadians seem to have voted based on bitter resentment rather than change and prosperity in our last election.

Nonetheless, today could very well be history in the making. It seems that I am eager to learn more about the American political system just to keep on top of this election. If this is truly history in the making, then I will have at least a working understanding of how it all works. I spent a lot time reading up on American politics over the last few months.

Democracy is a beautiful concept–we need to embrace it fully here in Canada, i.e., voter turnouts. Perhaps the Americans will teach us the true value of change–it could happen?

[ADDED] Congratulation President Obama!

2 Thoughts on “History, or Just Another Botched Dream?

  1. heh
    i cared as much about my country’s last election

    we hoped for change…unfortunately not a speck even

  2. Yeah, I hope this enthusiasm spreads to every other country around the world.

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