What Do You Do When it is Raining?

I decided that I would try and catch up on as much homework as I could. Today was going to be the day that I would get all those little things nicely finished and tucked away so that I could start to focus on the next big round of term papers and exams. It sort of did not turn out that way. Of course nothing does when you have so many variables floating around you. I think I’m whining now….

The first part of my day was spent dealing with a leak in my roof. From all the rain that we have being getting in the last couple of days (and still today) it is no wonder that I have not found more leaks? Knock on wood! Fixing the leak was easy. I have this product that a friend of mine told me about that seals cracks on tin really good, and you can use it while the roof is still wet. He calls it “Creeping Jesus.” Not because it is so good, but once you start working with it, you pretty much have it all over you. It is really sticky.

Once that job was over, I stared on the homework. I have this one assignment that requires me to keep a journal of this particular class for the ten weeks that we are together. The funny thing is, when I first started it, it seemed like it would be a walk in the park, but that walk in the park soon became a nightmare because of the details that the prof wanted are huge. Each set of questions that is being asked took up about two pages of text—way too much for a 20 percent value for this course. I was going to complete as much as I could anyway–every mark counts. Maybe I would find that it would be all worth while and gain from this experience–who knows–frustration seems to be the only gain so far. I am not done the assignment yet so time will tell.

I looked over my grades from the my last batch of hand-ins, and they were all within the 80 to 90 percent range. Sure, that is good, some would say very good, but I was not feeling what I should be feeling. I was, well, not that excited? I do not know why, but maybe I am getting just too tired and all of this work is just not phasing me like it should be. Should have done better? I felt this way before, so it could just be a cycle that I am going through.

Oh the rain. It is just non-stop rain outside. The rotten weather is here. I was completely soaked when I walked over to the IGA store for some items for my lunch tomorrow. I had to change into dry cloths when I returned home –just soaked. So the joy of having a tin roof and non-stop rain is trying to get some sleep while all of this is happening. It reminds me of the joke I once heard that goes…, “what is the definition of noise? Two Skeletons making love on a tin roof, and using a tin can as a condom…” Yes, that would be noisy.

I came across some new graphics software in the Ubuntu repositories. This is made from Xara Extreme or LX (for Linux) version with just became open sources and made for Linux not to long ago. So I thought I would give it a test. So far it works good. It has a learning curve though–so creating cool stuff will be a long time down the road–you know–that time thing.

2 Thoughts on “What Do You Do When it is Raining?

  1. You really like Ubuntu?

  2. I like Open-Source Software. 😀

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