November Sky

Wow, I almost forgot, I took some photos while I was at work. Why, you ask–there is just a bunch of clouds? Well, this was the first time in about two weeks that I saw blue sky well I was outside. Hey, when you have not seen the sun for so long, you begin think about it–a lot.

So there it is—a few clouds with lots and lots of blue behind them, just the way it should be–all the time. I never stuck around to get them when the sun came up. This was early in the morning. Morning seems to be when I get to take pictures outside. It is all part of that early-bird thing I got going with myself?

Soon the snow will be falling. Are you all looking forward to that–lots of snow? Yes, I bet. Except, of course, for my freinds clossser to the equator–who never see, or shovle the stuff…. You are so lucky.

4 Thoughts on “November Sky

  1. SNOW!! Did you say SNOW!! Has anyone ever told you that SNOW is a bad word for some people…..MY GOD! You said SNOW! 😉

  2. Don;t Pick On Snow, Superturtle Tells Everybody About It. Ps Brag Up J. m About School

  3. Sorry About The Spelling Errors.

  4. Superturtle, you are forgiven. 😉

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