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This post is really about my registration day, which is today, and how it has so far gone from, “I’m a happy camper,” to, “I want to throw myself off the nearest bridge,” then back to happiness–all in the span of three hours. But I will post about the other big event of today, which is the tree that was reduced to sawdust.

I hate registration days now. When I have so few courses left to choose from now that I have almost everything I need to graduate, the timetable becomes a huge issue. I have to balance that out with the rest of my life. Work is becoming ever more demanding as labour is still an issue in this part of the country, or the lack of it. My social life which is becoming more demanding is causing me to cut into my study time as friends, and their friends need my professional and expertise help with their problems. The most recent demand on my time has been from my own government which has decided to challenge my standing with its Medicare program, questioning whether or not I should be fully subsidized. The saga goes onward. It all boils down to money–which seem to be in short supply right now.

The tree cutters were in town today. A tree which had the miss fortune of having a building erected bedside it now has to be cut down. I am amazed with the efficiency and skill that these guys can take down a large tree without actually having to fall it. They use a big crane from which a guy stands in a bucket and then he can chop smaller sized sections at a time, starting form the top then down to a stump. Then everything goes onto a chipper where it is reduced to sawdust. The tree was gone in minutes. Imagine, an entire forest could be reduced to sawdust in days…..

[ADDED] OK, for those of you who emailed me about the above photo, the answer is yes, there is a man on top of the tree that has no branches on it in the cnetre of the photo. He is there leanning to the left side wearing a hardhat. He is actully holding a chainsaw and is cutting the main trunk of the tree. I did not have a telephoto lens, so I could not get a better, closer, shot.

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