I love Coffee

Of all my vices, coffee is my last true addiction. My need for caffeine, especially first thing in the morning, is only surpassed by my needs for food and water and sleep. I think my fondness for the black drink is part habit and part craving. I am the one pot per day user.

A couple of weeks I decided that I would cut back and eventually cut out my liquid fix altogether. So far I am on track having reduced my consumption down to a tiny fraction of my normal usage, which is now one cup per day. And so far the side effects and coffee cravings have not registered throughout my day. It could also be to early to start boasting too as I had just gotten over a two week flu, I am still swimming through piles of homework and the season rush is starting to take hold at my work. It is hard to define what is a “normal” day is so two weeks is too early to tell.

I have also decided to keep track of my usage on a spreadsheet. I want to graph out my progress over a long period of time just to see how my mind, body and social aspects towards coffee evolve with my new lifestyle change. I have also decided to include data such as general feeling, energy levels and overall stress, along with consumption, marking times, places and durations. So, for each day I will include in each column a score (a one to ten rating) on each data point. For each entry I have eight measurements that I will chart for the next six months. I am hoping that I will have completely weaned myself off from the black sludge by then and my smile will be a stained free one after that.

So, does anyone have any advice on quitting this habit? Am I on the right path? Have I gone overboard with the scientific approach? Let me know if you are coffee drinker also, or you choose the tea beverage over coffee and will never give it up?


A little Coffee humor from the TV Show Scrubs.

2 Thoughts on “I love Coffee

  1. Hey Tom
    I like my coffee too. However, recently I started to get a serious case of heartburn. Not about to start taking tums to clear it up – I decided to cut back on my coffee. In fact the first day I decided to not have any at all.
    By 10 am I had had enough of feeling foggy and cranky and headed out to get a coffee. That did it. I was fine.
    I have about 2 coffees a day now – maximum 3. I like my coffee strong and with milk. I also like lattes with no flavour though.

    I am feeling better not having all that coffee but I really enjoy that first one and a later one in the afternoon.
    I have been drinking herbal teas but they aren’t the same.
    A decaf Earl Grey with a little sugar is also a fav of mine.

    Good luck with cutting back on the caffine. It’s always hard to cut back but it’s all about feeling well.


  2. Oh, heartburn…. could I tell you stories!

    I was thinking about switching to herbal teas, and cutting out caffeine altogether?

    Awh…the guilty pleasures of life. 😕

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