Now that the Civic Elections are Over…

I am really suffering from election fatigue now after getting out to vote yesterday, and trying to maintain my overbooked schedule in the meantime. I felt good though, knowing that I took part in electing the manciple council, getting a chance to make change happen. And change did take place in Langley Township….

I never bothered to wait for the results last night. Instead I just waited until today to see who was in and who was not. I was surprised that we now have new Mayor, and considering how dismal the voter turnout was the new guy Rich Green won by 1254 votes. Not bad I say. The surprising thing I thought was that he, the Mayor, did not have the most votes out of all those who ran in this year’s election. One of the councillors, Mr. Jordan Bateman took more votes than anyone else: a total of 9273. Jordan Bateman’s received 1431 more votes than the Mayor elect. Maybe Jordan should run for the Mayor’s office? *hint-hint*

In British Colombia all civic elections take place at the same time. So right across the province all the municipalities will have their elections, where candidates run for Mayor, City Councillors and School Trustees. So November 15 was a busy day for British Colombians.

Langley Township 2008 Civic Election

Mayor: Rick Green.

Councillors: Jordan Bateman, Bev Dornan, Steve Ferguson, Charlie Fox, Mel Kositsky, Bob Long, Kim Richter, Grant Ward.

School Trustees: Steve Burton, Joan Bech, Wendy Johnson, Alison McVeigh, Rod Ross. (Source CBC.BC.CA)

Congratulations to all those who ran, and to those who got elected. It wasn’t the U.S. Federal Presidential Election, but it was democracy in action nonetheless. For more information about your civic election in your area of British Columbia, check this site out.

So, are you tired of elections? I know I am….

2 Thoughts on “Now that the Civic Elections are Over…

  1. You forgot Rob McFaralane and Stacy Cody.A New majority Thank the Lord.r

  2. Hi Ron, aren’t Rob and Stacy part of the Langley City constituency as School Trustees? I was focusing on Langley Township.

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