A Car so Cheap to Drive….

Today was Fort Langley’s turn to celebrate the British Columbia 150th anniversary and it was the Spirit walk. Although I had no idea that this was happening so it really caught me by surprise. I was leaving for my afternoon class, when I suddenly was stopped just before I drove onto main street faced with a roadblock. I guess they were waiting for the “walkers” to go by, so they had all the entrances blocked off, and one of the cross walk flagers said that it would over by 4:00pm–I was leaving at 2:00pm. Again, I never saw anyone. But I did see a solar powered car. That was cool.

I had to take some photos of this car. Zero emissions. Works great on sunny days, this is the car for those who are really cheap on gas. If you want to pas a pump, and are not to worried about having everyone pass you, then this is your set of wheels.

Then I saw TV and other news media vehicles parked all over the place. No Spirit Walkers? So as soon as I get more information on these walkers, I will post it here.

[ADDED] Here is some more information about the solar car.I Googled “xof1” and got some more photos of the car and the organization of who the car seems to be a member of, and this seems to be the main website from the car itself http://www.xof1.com/home.html.

3 Thoughts on “A Car so Cheap to Drive….

  1. Cool Photo. Do you know if the solar car was privatly made or is a proto type from some corporation?

  2. Thanks Julia. I added some more information about the car to this post. There is a web site that might answer your question.

  3. Thanx for the info about the car 😉

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