The Brain Gain Effect

It is 8:00pm and I just got back from classes and now sitting here at home in front of my keyboard and monitor ready to either die and go to bed, or type up a bit stuff because of all the unspent energy I still have. I guess type for a bit then head off to bed. So, this is what happened today….

I spent the better part of the day at the campus doing quality time, if you want to call it that, with my CRIM Ethics class seminar group. Actually, they are a great bunch to work with, and probably one the best groups I will ever work with. It was our turn to present today. We choose the topic of Forensic Psychology and all six of us had to cover the various aspects of this subject. A huge undertaking.

I focused on some of the modern ethical aspics of where psychology is going, such as using the Intranet and legal problems that these professionals will encounter when they deal with clients across different jurisdictions and locations. The rest of my group covered everything from the historical origins of forensic psychology, to sexual conduct issues that psychologist could find themselves in. We had a lot of territory to cover and everyone had lots to say. It was fun–really.

I was the last one to present. The rest of my group zipped through theirs very fast leaving lots of time left over before class ended. I was worried that we were going to finish to quickly, so when it was my turn I had forty minutes to kill and I timed mind for thirty–great. Well, as it turned out, I ended up cutting part of my presentation short because I went over my time limit. So not only did I fill the time shortage up, but I also added way too much to mine and had to cut some very important information out. I kept thinking that this was for the greater good of the whole group and sacrifice my personal part. Was that right or wrong–I don’t know?

Anyway, the sleep factor is starting to kick in. Go night.

2 Thoughts on “The Brain Gain Effect

  1. thanx Tom…That means a lot.

  2. Yes, I sent you off an email.

    There is no way that I can give you what you want to know about criminal law in an email. I spent four years figuring it all out–an email will not do it–sorry. But there are lots and lots of links on the web that can help you out with seeking the knowledge that you want! 😀

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