Magibon Girl: Born of Japanese Male Fantasies

This was one of the most creepiest things I have come across all week, and I have seen some really weird stuff in the last couple of days. I got this from the Tokyo Mango Web Site that is link in my Blog-Roll on the right. Apparently she is from Florida, and when you see her in the interview in Japan she doesn’t even look Japanese. She had me fooled in this video of her earlier webcam postings. [Added] Okay, I knew this was going to come up–she is 22 years old.


Speaking of the video: it is creepy. All she does is stare into the webcam and does these little poses and blinks her big dark eyes at you. I guess Japanese men really love those eyes because she was asked to fly over to Japan and do some interviews. She seems to be a huge hit over there.

YouTube had certainly made a huge impact in some circles. But I did some really quick searches on the web and only had to look into the first five links to figure out why this girl, Magidon, is so special–it is her look. She looks like the typical Manga Girl: just Google it!

What is interesting is that some of the YouTube videos have hits counts that are through the roof–I think this one was put up into the top Five Youtube picks for a while.

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