An Update on my Seclusion from the Public Eye

Soon, very soon I will walk among the living again and will be able to become a social person–just one more week to go. I have three more classes until the end of the regular semester, then one final exam and that’s it! Freedom!

These seminar classes have taken so much energy out of me that I have vowed never to any more again. I know that is impossible since ninety percent of all the fourth year classes are seminar style classes, and no matter how hard you try presenting is a fact of life in any graduate program, but it felt nice saying it.

So, one more week to go and then everyone can start sendingĀ  me emails again, or come over and say hi, and I will be there–replying. I know there are some who I have neglected to help, like computer work, but my education is first, and all else is second. I know that there are some who I have promised to visit and have dinner with, but time to so short when I have exams, papers and presentations to complete all of the time that keeping up with friends is difficult. So for a couple of weeks, until next semester when it all starts over again, I will be free!

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