Talking About BC Political History

I was talking to a friend of mind from the University Campus at Kwantlen in Surrey, BC, when we started talking about some of the best/funniest/outstanding politicians that served in the British Colombian Legislature and Judy Tybji (aka Judi Tyabji Wilson) and Gordon Wilson came up. It was so long ago now that I had almost forgotten about her and some of the headline she made during her career in politics. This was in a time when BC had a real right-wing party and Conservatism was a grassroots idea that was sweeping the province. Judy was a Liberal at the time.

I should point out too that my friend, (and I promised that I would not print Dave’s name here) is a political science/ journalist major, doing a double degree program–because he is nuts. We like to talk about the political history of BC and Canada–which is why I like to write about it here on the blog. I am by no means politically neutral here. 🙂

Anyway, back to talking about Judy Tybji…. She had a television show that ran for about one year called The Westerly (2001-2002) that was a current affairs programs about British Columbia. What was so great about this program was that she tore through every policy of the government at the time. She attacked the cutbacks, free-trade, poverty, welfare, and many many more issues–she was the thorn in the side of every politician. I heard rumours that her TV show was Yanked because of her highly opinionated stance on political views–I guess the government doesn’t like that for some strange reason?


So with the power of the Intranet, and the huge cash of information out there, I was able to find a Youtube clip that had some highlights of her short television career. Like I said, she was the thorn in every politician side.

Sadly, I think we need another Judy Tybji to mix the pot today. Politics is loosing its appeal, just look at the polls. Many people that I know personally are so dis-attached to politics that they will not vote, and I say that we need someone to jump in there and put some fire under the feed of these guys in office to revive the interest of it. Today, BC politics is boring…. Well, they are not helping to the appeal of attracting new blood into their ranks.

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