Whoa! Federal Politics Full of Excitement all of a Sudden?

During my final few hours working on papers and homework I caught the new that said that there might be a coalition government within the next few weeks in Canada. I have only been catching little snippets of news, but hearing the words “Coalition Government” is really a new concept for me, and I think for everyone else. This is definitely new territory for any generation of Canadian voters, and I know that is has been over 91 years since Canada had its last coalition government, so really, who knows what will happen.

I like some of the arguments regarding democracy and just how democratic this process really is. I like to think that this situation can only happen within a minority government. Also, because Canada has so many political parties, the likelihood of forming a coalition government is a huge task, especially with three opposition parties who are so different in their ideology. However, this is a valid democratic process, and even thought the majority of the voters voted for the current ruling party, if the opposition parties untied, then they now hold the majority of the votes for the ruling government.

Would this be in the best interest for Canada? Who knows because I sure don’t. Looking at other countries who have coalition governments, some work, some don’t.

However, this does make politics very exciting. It really makes my last post redundant. I thought that these parties would never become so unified that they could form such a united front. However, I remember when we had the “Unite The Right” coalition when the Conservatives, Reform and some other party all got together and formed what we see today as the Conservative Party. Even though they were not in power at the time, look at what they have accomplished today.

Lastly, if this means not having another election due to a non-confidence vote, then I’m all in. I don’t want to go through another round of mud-slinging negative ad campaigns on the media, and having to spend time worrying about who I should vote for while listening to all of the broken promises spewing out. We the tax payers must really start forcing the government to start taking better care of our money. Either spending responsibly or give it back to us.

So, what do you think: is this excitement or what?

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