Exemplis Gratia….

I now have two assignments left to do before the semester comes to an end. I’m taking a break from it, it is getting late and I have most of tomorrow morning to finish them off. One is due tomorrow at 4:00pm, a 7 page paper that is supposed to be a take-home exam but it might as well be a full scale paper on racism, and the other is my journal assignment for my ethics class, which is due next Monday. So I am just taking a break before I head off to sleep and hopefully I will get a good nights sleep before my little corner of chaos starts up again.

Today also marks one of the worst days I have had at work in a long time. First, I forgot my keys. I drove all the way out to Chilliwack, BC, about a two hour drive, and ended up having to turn around back to Surrey, BC to get the damn keys. During that time one of the people that I was supposed to meet out in Chilliwack came into Surrey, BC to meet with me where he wanted a copy of his keys because he had lost his. We missed each other by minutes apparently. It was a comedy of errors right from the get go. On my way home after I came back from the office my vehicle ran out of gas while my gas gage was showing that I had at least a quarter of a tank left in it.  What a way to discover that I have a broken gas gage—right at the Langley By-Pass!

When I got home I started right away on finishing some of my homework. Just as I was getting into the writing someone started knocking at my door—one of my neighbours needs a hand with his dead car battery. I’m a nice guy—I help him out. Once back writing again the phone rings—it’s a text massage, a 911 call from another friend who is informing me that he is having a party this weekend and I’m invited. I pull the battery from my phone. Peace and quiet now seem impossible.

So here I am now, tired, but happy that I accomplished a lot due to the circumstance.  Soon, within days I will be able to walk among the living again and enjoy the lazy days of…. oh shoot, it’s almost winter out now. BOO!

2 Thoughts on “Exemplis Gratia….

  1. Wow. That doesn’t sound like the best of days. Hopefully it got better today?

  2. Hey T, long time.

    So far the day is going really good, but not at the University, and my meetings haven’t started yet. *gulp*

    Tanks for the post. 🙂

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