Things of a Stuffed Vegetable

The weather outside is awful, so it is stay inside time until tomorrow when I head back to work—working the weekends you know. Oh, if you are wondering about the title of this post, don’t, I ran out of ideas for interesting titles, so I’m hitting new lows with them. I think the weather and my ability to apply myself with creative title writing is somehow connected.

I’m hanging my head low with shame. I started drinking coffee again. It started back on Wednesday with just a cup, albeit one of those 1 litre mugs, then progressed up to my usual three, four, five cups a day ever since. I know…. I’m weak—I admit it. It is just that the last three weeks were just Hell for me; from exams to projects, the classes had so much work piled on them, it was hard to keep up. I guess that is what they (the evil professors) want to do to you: harden you up so you have nothing but attitude when you get out into the real world. Now I know why doctors and lawyers are so anal.

The deadline for my tuition is fast approaching. The money has to be handed on the 9th, of this month, so Monday is when I head in for my last class, and that is when I will stand in the line-up at admissions for an hour or more. For five classes, or one full semester is now $1740.00. That is 5 x14 weeks of three hours, of three credits per course. You will have a lot of time to think about those fourteen weeks of fun for next term when you are standing in the line.

The line-ups at admissions are a totally different experience from any other line-up I have stood in. Unlike other line-ups where people often expect prompt good service, paying tuitions fees is in a different world altogether because you have two group of people. First you have the hardened students who have already served time in the institution. They stand there, quite and unemotional, like someone sucked the life force right out them. I can spot them a mile away. Then you have the newbies. They either stand there with the look of fear on their faces, or they are bouncing around in the line-up. If they have friends, they are the loudest ones—usually talking a mile a minute.

The newbies are really noticeable when they finely get up to the wicket. Un-preparedness only explains the half of it. My favourite expression on their faces is when the counsellor tells them that they don’t have the required enrolment requisites to start University that they will need to start off with one or two entry level classes to qualify for first year. The look on their faces is priceless. You see no one tells these people that they have options before they head for the 1 Km line-up. The other side of the problem is that none of them had properly read and understood the campus calendar, also known as the student bible. So the poor people who had stood in a line-up for over an hour and finally reached the first door, had it slammed halfway across their face—so to speak because they were told that they need to come back–in March. Really the fault is theirs, but I think part of the blame is on the admissions for having under equipped/manned facilities too.

If you are a newbie, and it was your first time out to the University because you finally decided that you wanted to do a major upgrade on yourself, I would think that your first experience should be the best one. Instead you are introduced to long line-ups for everything: parking, textbooks, fees, and so on…. When people first go to admissions, it is usually to ask some basic questions, gather information and do a little fact finding then decide whether post secondary education is the road for you. For most working class people, and those who have little patience, that line-up could be the difference of staying with frustration or leaving it altogether.

Linup done with POVray and KpovModler.

I don’t have an answer to this. What do you do with 5500 students? That’s a lot of sardines to fit into one can. I’m lucky because most of my involvement with admissions is done on-line with the exception of paying my tuition—in cash. How about you—would consider going into a degree program for upgrading now that times are getting harder?

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