Video Experiment with VIMEO

I was playing around with my video settings here on the Blog because this is the third time in a month that the Creator of the plug-in has fixed bugs in it. I stuck with Viper’s Video Quick Tags because it seems to have the best interactive control panel out of all the WordPress plug-ins I have tried.

While I was re-setting my tweaks for my Blog, I started viewing some of the other video formats that I never bothered to look at before and came across VIMEO. I never really paid that much attention to VIMEO before, so I went over to at the website and then started poking around. I came across this:


I thought the animation was interesting; I’m thinking that it could be made by an armature, even the music–but sounds good. It is the X-mass story, and the song is in Spanish, I believe. Oh, and one of the wise men looks like Santa in this video! The screen credits said that this was in HD for TV, though the audio was suffering from the bandwidth, and it was is stereo. I really like this type of animation, and I have made a few myself when I had lots and and lots and lots of time to render them. Did I say lots of time to render them right–yeah, even with an Intel Quad-Core it’s slow going?

So enjoy–that’s about as far as I’m going with decorating the Blog this year for the holidays–unless I get really board and I have some time to spend getting creative.

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