3D Landscape of Snow Flakes

I’m posting this totally blind because I’m not on my regular PC, and my ISP seems to be down at my residence. I on the SHAW service at home, so I’ve switched over to Telus, my next-door neighbour’s connection,  until the nice cable people figure out what is going on. Actually, I’m over here anyway looking after two (teenager) kids while their parents are taking care of a family member who is in the hospital. I’m such a nice person to do this at the drop of a hat—right….

I’m am exercising great strength here not to do some “SHAW bashing.” Their service is really starting…. No bashing.

Anyway, where was I… Oh yes, my third post of the day. This is a record for me because I don’t think I can ever recall ever posting so much in one day. I think I know what Raul, aka HummingBird604, feels like when he does his twenty to thirty posts per day—pent up energy and no where to put it? But my main topic in this post is my 3D Snow Flakes that I have been working on.

I’m working on an animation of snowflakes for a short two to five minute long short move. I think I can do it in a couple of days baring my PC not exploding when I start the rendering. The last animation I did took so long, and I really didn’t have that much time to spare, that I ended up shutting it down. Back then I had a really slow 3.5Gz processor. Now I have Quad-Core which really seems to make a huge difference. None of my friends believed me when my CPU kept over heating and I had to buy a larger, strong fan for it.

These are some preliminary renderings of what I want to do. I think I like these models. I created them using Kpov modeller, using POVray as my preferred rendering tool. I know, I get a lot people asking me why when there are so many other “more user friendlier” modelling programs to use…. I guess I’m used to these programs? Hey, 3d computer graphics have always captivated me. When I could do this at home on a PC, I was grabbing as much information as I could, researching what I could do with the tools I had. With the software available today, the sky is the limit for the home user. Remember too that all of my tools on my machines are LINUX based—none of this license crap that keeps needing money every time you turn it on. So I get to play with some bleeding edge stuff way ahead of the “other” guys.

Well, time to check on the kids—it got really quiet all of a sudden.

3 Thoughts on “3D Landscape of Snow Flakes

  1. Very cool, Tom. Looking forward to seeing the finished work.
    Check out “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto (check Wendels for a copy) and see their snowflakes(ie: frozen water). Very amazing.


  2. Thanks Gudrun, I have created some scenes and started playing around with the storyboard. It is taking on its own evolution as some of the scenes I want are becoming too challenging.

    I’m heading over to Wendels on Monday to pick up a book anyway, so I’ll “for sure” check that out.

    Have great weekend: snow tomorrow you know.

  3. Let me know what you think of the book.

    Yes – I’m all ready for the snow – snow tires and 400lbs of play sand in the back of my truck.

    Don’t have to drive anywhere so that is good.

    Enjoy the village in the snow.

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