A Little Me Time Going on

It is a little over whelming now that I have all this time on my hands, wondering what I should do with it, what tasks I want to start first, getting the important things done first or focusing on a little fun instead? For whatever reason last night I went to bed around 8:00pm. Don’t ask me why, it just happened. This morning I woke up around 5:00am, which is my normal time, but I forced myself to go beck to sleep. That didn’t help, instead I was fully awake by 7:30am and was making something to eat by 8:00am. So my body still thinks it’s working.

It is hard to believe that the shortest day of the year is coming up in ten days.  I was thinking about that the other day because we are still getting some very mild weather on the West coast. This means while the rest of Canada is shovelling snow in freezing temperatures, we have being enjoying rain and above freezing temperatures so far this season. So when I was thinking about the fact that we are not even into winter yet officially, the worst is still to come. The only great satisfaction is that we avoided shovelling for this length of time, so the worst will be less than three months long during the winter period. I wonder if I could survive that?

I was talking to one of my neighbours yesterday when I got back from work. He told me that his Bank had stopped his line of credit and warned him to pay it off because his credit balance was “maxed” out. He is working and his income has not changed, but his cost on his mortgage took an increase as him and his wife decided to change the contract. They did this because they wanted to have it paid off sooner so they opted for double payments per month, but this means that they are also have less income for themselves. They have a two year old daughter so they also decided that it would be very smart to start reducing their debt with the Bank. They used their line of credit to pay off their credits cards, so now they are free from that set of shackles, but they didn’t think that the Bank would come down so hard on them when they lost a month of payments from paying into the mortgage while missing a payment in their chequeing account.

I applaud him for what he is doing, however, I think he is three months to late. Banks are going to be so conservative from now on because of the collision into the economic wall that I predict that unless you have 200% of the assets of you want to borrow you are S.O.L.

Now…. what to do for the rest for the day?

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