A Bucket of Rain and WP Praise

There were warnings issued today as our very first snow dump of the season was upon us, yet nothing happened except for lots of rain. It did snow, although mixed with the rain, but really nothing too terribly spectacular happened except for the large puddles everywhere. Oh yes, there was the usual bunch of British Columbia’s finest drivers too, but that is normal even on a hot sunny July day so no surprise there. However, the warnings are still up on the weather web site. Freezing temperatures and blowing snow, somewhere up to 5 cm of the stuff are supposedly in the forecast, but none of it has hit us yet here in Fort Langley. I guess it is a “wait and see” weather forecast as to what the weather Gods have in store for us?

I have to work tomorrow, so hopefully the roads will not be icy as it is supposed to be well below freezing tonight. The last thing I need are the roads to be full of black-ice.

I also wanted to say that the people who did all of the updates for WordPress 2.7 did a great job. I really cannot get over how cool it looks now. They did a real professional job on it. If you have a blog, and are not using WordPress, then I strongly suggest trying it out—it is really nice now—although it was always cool anyway. The Dashboard / Main Menu page is nicer looking with the way you can collapse all the menu function making it look not too cluttered. I think it is more user friendly and easier to find stuff than it was before. If you use lots of plug-ins, like I do, then this layout is great to navigate through. Before I had to click through different pages to get to the page that I wanted like change my video layout for example. WordPress keeps on getting better!

I cannot wait to see what kind of weather we will have tomorrow…. Have a great weekend everyone!

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