So, What Do you Do when the Power Goes Out and It’s -4C With a Windchill Factor of -10C

I’m hoping that the title says it all. Here is the situation that I’m facing right now: no power and a Arctic Out-flow with winds—lots of winds. The power went out around 2:10pm this afternoon right when I was doing a major install on my office PC. It could not have happened a worse time. This upgrade had already taken me two hours to prepare for, and during the mid-way point of the software installation the power kicked out a couple of times before completely shutting off.

The very first thing I did was switched on my propane furnace. Next I switched over to my 12 volt battery supply so the furnace would start working. Everything worked after not being checked for almost a year. I felt lucky. Based on previous experience I think I have enough battery and propane for 72 hours. For a winter arctic blast and wind storm, I think I have the basics covered: heat and lights.

The other saving grace is my trusty laptop. With its own battery I can still get about 2 hrs and 40 minutes out if it. I also have a portable battery pack that I bought last year that gives me about 6 more hours on top, so I could leave my laptop on for about 8 hours. This is really great when the there is nothing on the radio, and of course the TV will not work because the cable is out too, so I either type away, like I’m doing now, or play some games. Games are a great way to not only pass the time away, but the batteries too.

Next obstacle: uploading to the Intranet. Again I rely on technology that not everyone has access to. I personal do not have satellite Internet, but my neighbour does. My neighbour got really pissed off at our local phone and cable companies because of disputes of billing and service provided. He disconnected himself from them when he learned that he had an alternative through satellite. It is more expensive, but the bandwidth is amazing. I’m thinking about switching myself. When I finish this text I will walk over to his house and upload this to the website.

The moral to this post is make sure you are ready for any thing that Mother Nature is going to throw at us. We have already seen a killer ice storm in the United States, and way-below-seasonal temperatures on the prairies. So, like the Boy Scout motto says, “Be Prepared.”

[ADDED] The power came back on around 3:00pm. So much for roughing it, eh?

3 Thoughts on “So, What Do you Do when the Power Goes Out and It’s -4C With a Windchill Factor of -10C

  1. Have You Heard Anything From JM Lately ?

  2. No, no i haven’t. I will phone them tomorrow. They must be very busy–shopping and all that stuff?

  3. Hey Tom

    I turn on the gas fireplace and order pizza – LOL.

    Seriously – I already wrapped the taps outside with towels and left my kitchen tap on overnight (with a light drip) because it frozen overnight a couple years ago.

    Power went off at work today mid morning – and wouldn’t you know it – d’mit the phones still worked!!*#!#!

    Had to stay because of that. Got very cold – and everyone put on their coats. Power came on 1 1/2 hours later. Went home for lunch for hot soup. Having hot tea and neocitran tonight as I can feel a cold coming on.

    Dropped my son off at school this morning and he started cheering up as we drove into the school driveway and there were no lights on – “there’s no school, mom, no school!” Sure enough, the vice-prinipal was in the driveway telling us there was no power so no school today. Turned around and took him back home – happy kid 🙂
    My son said the cable/tv/internet (Shaw) was out for an hour this afternoon as well = video games.

    Not sure if there is school tomorrow. The winds have been very strong today. Find out tomorrow.

    I plan on wearing more layers tomorrow.

    Take care and keep the heat on high.


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