When the Shoe Flies & Shopping Regrets

First the funnies. I just about fell off of my chair when I saw the news footage of George Bush’s near miss with an irate Iraqis who threw both of  his shoe at him while he spoke speaking at a news conference. Unbelievable that it happened, and doubly unbelievable that George could move like that. The Shoe jokes just started to fly at work when we talked about that. CBC, the Current had in there promo for today:

It’s Tuesday December 16th.

U.S. President George Bush narrowly dodged a pair of shoes thrown at him by an irate reporter at a press conference in Iraq

Currently … Boy, the president is lucky this didn’t happen in Iran where he would have been carpet bombed.

This is the Current.

See for yourself if you have not seen it on the television:


I made the mistake of going shopping this evening. I should not have gone-period. It was a zoo down town. The first store I went to to do some food shopping, I literally spent more time in the line-up than I did walking around shopping. The couple at the front of the line paid with gift cards. The poor cashier spent so much time dealing with them that it took well over ten minutes to get on their way.

I think gift cards are a great idea if you are not sure what to give someone for a gift for whatever occasion you are celebrating during the holidays, but they are a hassle to cash. And if you have ten of them, think about how much time it will take to go through each one after all of your stuff has been run through. The poor couple were not happy at the trouble is caused. Which brings me to the rest of the people standing in the line-up…

OK, people, listen up: check your balance before you go out on your shopping spree. It’s really simple to do. Know how much you have on your plastic, or credit, depending on how far in debt you are because we the rest of the world don not have time to waste while you get the cashier to sort out what you can afford. Plus, we will stare at you, and think, “oh that poor person, overdrawn and in debt… maybe you are going through a really bad divorce and your spouse just cleaned out your bank account.” Check your BALANCE, for crying loud, before you go shopping.

Anyway, I made it home in one piece. I did not get all the stuff I wanted because I sort of gave up and headed home once I realized that even though it was 10:00pm, the crowds were not letting off. Weird, on a Tuesday night? People are still buying.

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