All Four Weather Elements are Scheduled for Today

I woke up this morning to that weird and eerie sight of bright whiteness reflecting through my window blinds, when it was supposedly pitch black outside, and you know that this is not right. It was even weirder when I saw that snow had built up on my windows, something very rare because the wind hardly ever blows from the East. And on top of that, my next-door neighbour getting stuck in his driveway as he tried several times getting out—he owns a 4-wheel-drive pick-up. Yes, today is a snow day for us.

People were getting around, albeit very slowly. Walking was the best way to get around, and I was amazed at how many shops were open. What normally takes ten minutes to walk took me thirty.

My first stop was the Post-Office. I am sure that this is one most stopped at place today in Canada. People were getting by on foot, car and ATV (all terrain vehicle). There was the usual line-up in there because so many people were picking up their x-mass and seasonal gifts. When I went to my mail-box there were only bills and ads that were addressed to me. Nothing to stunning about receiving bills this time of year. I grabbed the important stuff and left the rest inside the box to take home later, like when the snow melts.

Next stop was the IGA grocery store and market to pick up some food items knowing that tomorrow everything is practically closed. I bought a few kilograms of Walnuts because I love them this time of year. They are very addictive. The IGA was also packed with people. I had to go to the customer service desk to cash out my groceries it was so busy; I did not know they even had a till there.

The walk home was an adventure also as I helped a stranger with a push who was stuck. It took a couple of tries till he could get onto the ploughed section of road. He offered me money but I flatly refused saying that it was hardly worth offering money and that he was in my road anyway. The poor fella was obviously going through holiday fatigue as he said he was picking his girlfriend up to do last minute shopping. I recommended that they stay home and drink eggnog in front of an open fire. He was too frustrated to give me a witty answer and he drove off.

So I am home now with the warm glow of my monitor and dancing snowflakes gif animations on my Desktop holiday theme, and the window behind it giving me a picture of falling snowflakes piling on top of each other outside. Later on today and part of tomorrow the weather prognosticators are saying that the snow will ease off and turn to rain with the wind picking up along with it, then followed by sunny periods. It is a weird day, but a different one which makes it temporarily enjoyable. I’m hoping that it clears up soon because I will soon have drive in it on Friday.

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