Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain

Talk about stark contrast from yesterday, with the fourth dump of snow in a week, now it is 3 C. and raining. This is what the other thing the Lower Mainland is famous for from its weather: what do you do with all that snow when we return back to regular weather forecasts? That’s right—localized flooding. Case in point, my driveway looks normal on top with all the snow and tire trenches leading up to the street, but as soon as you step on it you find yourself with a freezing soaker right up to your knee. I’m not kidding, it is that deep at the moment. I have a small lake for a driveway, and the water has no where to go because the storm drain is buried under the snow—and I can not find it.

I have to put in a great big thanks to my Mom. Thank you for the great gift(s). Scooby-Doo sits proudly on my couch by the front window on top of the throw-blanket. When I get my weekend I will phone you guys and get you up to date on what is going on around here.

I think I will spend some time shovelling. I need to dig some trenches for the water to drain before my home floats away or my landlord starts charging me moorage.  At least the fog looks neat; too bad photos suck when you take pictures of it.

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