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When I was up to my neck with term papers and exams there was a huge meteorite that travelled above Alberta and Saskatchewan that was seen by thousands of people last month, but I was too busy to catch all of the news on it.  So I’m sort of catching up on what I’ve missed. I’m kind of a back yard astronomer, so stories like this really catch me attention.

Seeing meteorites are rare events. We all have seen little ones that streak across the sky, but not too many have seen ones that have hit the earth. What is even more spectacular are the numerous video cameras that caught the fire-ball lighting up the night sky on November 20, 2008. When I watched the videos on You-Tube, and the quality does it no justice, I was amazed at just how bright that object was when it burnt up in the atmosphere. And from what I have read people did managed to find bits and pieces of it.

A bright fireball lit up the sky over parts of Canada and was probably a meteor which may have hit the ground in central Alberta. Reports from all over western Canada said the bright flashes occurred at 5:30 pm MST on Nov. 20. The bolide split the evening sky and fragmented during a series of booming explosions. Source: Universe Today,  November 21, 2008.

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For the people who were really close to the event they heard the explosion that it made when it entered the atmosphere. That would have being very cool to have witnessed. I’m sure there were people who thought it was American or Russian space junk falling out of orbit and landing in our back yard.

I caught a little bit of it on the news last week when CBC said that experts did manage to find small chucks of the meteorite from November 20, but I have yet to find anything on the net. I just started my search today, so hopefully very soon I can dig up some dirt on what the scientist think it was, or how big? I would like to know.  So Far from CBC I found this story that had some intersting facts about how people perceived what they saw.

ADDED December 27, 2008: Thanks to Dean for giving me the right TV station for the location and search details of that meteorite site.  Please see this link for photos, information and video of what has being found up until then at CTV Edmonton, AB web site.

The group, organized by the University of Calgary, has recovered more than 100 meteorites from the site near Lloydminster, on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and says many more are still out there. Source: CFRN, Alberta.

I think that would be cool to find a 4 billion year old rock that up until November 20th, 2008 was floating out in space.

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  1. Check Out CFRN TV Out Of Edmonton. They Had A Show, Where A Person Came To The Studio With Some Of Meteorite Pieces He Found.

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