An Upgrading Horror Story

So far today it not looking to good. I decided to dedicate today, my day off from work, to start upgrading all my system with software. I downloaded all the necessary newer versions, including my operating system because 8.10 (Ibex) is now the current supported version. It took forever last night to down load the DVD image because my connection was so bad; what should have been a 2 hour down-load took all night and early this morning, about 12 hours. I can’t believe that I’m paying my ISP for this service?

Anyway, the upgrading process was well into an hour when suddenly the power stared to flicker, then dim, then went completely out for about two seconds before it returned. That was enough to kill the whole process. I thought that I had my power serge protector on when I started the upgrade, but because I took the machine to my bench, I only plugged it into an unprotected wall outlet.

When I went to check up on it there was only a black screen with the error cursor blinking after these words: “Panic – Kernel Mismatch, unable to sync to Kernel: Please reload.”

I was ferrous. I tried to restart, but the same error came up. I was pissed! I sat down and thought about what I was going to do. I did not want to wipe hard-drive backup of the all the setting and configurations I had on it. And yes, I did do a thorough back-up off all my data, but I just did not want to spend the endless hours setting everything back up to where I had it. I have over 1100 different software programs installed, and hundreds of patches and hacks too!

Literally six hours later I managed to get the Operating System installed, but I ended up doing a complete install rather than an upgrade. To my horror the Kernel was incomplete and the boot-loader would not at least start so that I could run a rescue to recover my Desktop settings.

Now that I have the PC up and running again, I am just going to leave it for tomorrow. The lesson here in this story is to mack sure that I use my serge protection and battery backup when working on the bench–all-the-time.
This would have killed me if it was a server-rack I was working on….

Oh, and the other weird thing out that power outage was that the clock on my coffee maker does not work any more. So I did suffer some damage from it.

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